Palm Network Store


Where does Your Money Go?

All purchases we receive will be used to help keep our server open. This means every single dollar spent will be put right back into our network, allowing us to grow, upgrade and improve our servers. 


Not Sure what Rank Fits You?

Our store has a wide selection of ranks and cosmetics to choose from, sometimes it can be tricky to find one that bests fits you. 

Budget Ranks

Our lower-end ranks (Metahuman, Infamous) we're specifically designed for players who wanted to support the server but are on a budget. 

Normal Ranks

Our normal end ranks (Avenger, Multiversal) were designed for players who wanted to support the server, but also wanted to receive better perks without breaking the bank. 

High-End Ranks

Higher ranks (Myth, Legend) are for people who are dedicated to our server and really enjoy it, they don't mind spending extra money if it means supporting the server.  The true MVP's


Pay To Win

We have built our shop to ensure it isn't pay-to-win, we hate pay-to-win servers as much as you. And as such, we removed any competitive advantages from the store, ensuring everything on our store is obtainable in-game.


Refund Policy

Palm Network does not have a refund policy, players are not allowed to request a refund from their purchase(s). Doing so may result in a warn in the network. 


Need Support?

Having issues with our store? Please open a ticket on our Discord server and we'll get back to you as soon as possible! 


Other Palm Network Links

Heroes Multiverse: https://www.technicpack.net/modpack/the-revamped-avengers-legends.1818117

Palm Network Discord: https://discord.gg/wrD2QZkeak

Website: https://palmminecraft.tebex.io/